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Are you searching for a special floor?

Is carpet outdated? - parquet obsolete? – And, who is going to clean the fugues of your tiles?

We have got a solution!

Trendy fair-faced floor screeds, design floors, terrazzo-like and polished screed, colored terrazzo floor are eyecatcher in your domicile. Whether you want to bulid/refurbish an urban villa or a loft, a family home or businesshouse, a gym or factory building, a garage or car park. Here you have found your floor buildung partner. Whether a plolished screed or seamless floor, a terrazzo floor or hardened screed, a laminate floor or screed, decorative coating or fluffy flooring, special thin-layered screed or thickness base plate, we find and develop the best solution with/for you! You will profit by our long experience.

"BFT Fußbodentechnik" (BFT floor engineering) was found in 1996. In 1997 "BFT Fußbodentechnik" transferred to "BFT Bodenbelag GmbH". Since then we uncompromised our philosophy, among building accurate floors, to afford an expert advice for our customers first.

all along up-to-date

"BFT Bodenbelag GmbH" is a spezialized company consisting of spezialized professionals. Our aim is, always to know about the up-to-date technology. Therefore our staff often take part in further education.

We are a certified company for products more notable manufacturrs.